Look Up!

Look up… Because in times like these your very life may depend on it.  Some time ago ‘Jah’ showed me that a spirit of weariness is trying to work its way into our lives through all the pressure and bad news that surrounds us.  It’s working to get our eyes off the word ‘Jah’ by bombarding us with negative forces.  Its trying to get us to look down at defeat instead of up at ‘Jah’.

If you let that happen, your spirit man will begin to lose his dominion.  And the Word tells us what the results of that is.  It says you’ll be wearied and faint in your minds. ‘Jah’ put it this way in Mark 4.  He said that when the cares of the world enter into your heart and mind, they’ll choke the Word and cause it to become unfruitful.  And since your faith is the product of the Word, that means your faith will wither.  Once that happens you are headed for disaster. What can you don to stop this chain reaction of weariness?

Look up!  Get your eyes back on ‘Jah’.  I remember on the field of athletic competition that when an opponent allowed himself to drop his head, he was no longer dangerous.  So keep your head up, keep considering ‘Jah’ the author and finisher of your faith.  Consider Him instead of the cares of this world.

Consider what ‘Jah’ says in His Words.  Be moved by the thoughts of ‘Jah’.  Let His thoughts become your thoughts.  Look up! Get your eyes off the circumstances around you and onto your Heavenly Source.  Don’t be afraid you’re going to lose everything.  ‘Jah’ is your source, not the world.  He can take care of you, regardless of what happens around you.

If you’ve gotten weary lately, begin to lift your eyes.  Raise your head up instead of looking down. ‘Jah is up. The Devil is down – under your feet
Look up!  Isaiah 40:21-31

-Arturo Cruz Sr.
Virgin Islands Prisoner at Wallens Ridge State Prison
Big Stone Gap, VA

2 Responses to “Look Up!”

  1. I feel the term ‘Jah’ should be replaced with the Name ‘JESUS’.

  2. I feel the term ‘Jah’ should be replaced with the Name above all names JESUS.

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