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Film Screening – “Living with Life”

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Community Outreach

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Prisoner Family Support Network

VIPP Community Outreach – St. Thomas

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VIPP Community Outreach - Tutu Park Mall, St. Thomas VI

Virgin Islands Prison Project Awarded Grant

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The Virgin Islands Prison Project was recently awarded a grant to participate in the annual meeting of the Alternate ROOTS organization.  Alternate ROOTS is a Southeast based organization whose mission is to support the creation and presentation of original art in all its forms, which is rooted in a particular community of place, tradition or spirit. Their annual meeting, which will be held in Arden, North Carolina from August 11th through the 16th, will be a coalition of cultural workers all committed to social and economic justice issues.

This year’s meeting theme will be “Re-birth of a Nation: Using art to navigate the intersection of oppressions.”  As part of its mission to promote prison reform, the Virgin Islands Prison Project uses the original artwork and writings of Virgin Islands’ prisoners as an integral part of its communications strategies.

“We are honored to receive this scholarship and be able to participate in this event.  Our project is a relatively new one and we wouldn’t normally be able to compete with other, better established organizations.  However, the folks at Alternate ROOTS found our work with prisoners and prisoner families compelling enough to give us a seat at the table,” said Kim Lyons, Project Coordinator of the Virgin Islands Prison Project.

“It is a tremendous opportunity for us to collaborate with other non-profits and grassroots organizations involved in similar campaigns – whether it involves criminal justice reform, environmental reform or other social justice issues,” she said. “We will no doubt benefit greatly from participating in these movements on a national level, and bringing what we learn back to the Virgin Islands.

Hello world!

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Welcome to the Virgin Islands Prison Project Press!

We are an internet blog created for the distinct purpose of being a voice for those Virgin Islanders affected by our criminal justice system – prisoners and their loved ones. We hope to create a framework for those folks who have seemingly been forgotten and marginalized by our community; a place where they can share their art, poetry, essays, articles and other writings, and most importantly express those aspects of themselves previously unheard.

Along with this, it is also our sincere desire to spark a public dialog regarding issues of crime and punishment. Violent crime appears to be on the rise in our islands, more and more young people have access to guns, and our children are no longer safe – not even aboard the school buses.

However, locking more and more people up and throwing away the key is not necessarily making the Virgin Islands a safer place to live. Creating alternatives to the current paradigm in which we we find ourselves requires that we broaden our options in responding to harm in our communities.

In this forum, we seek creative approaches to justice that actively involves all who are impacted by crime – victims, offenders, their communities of care and the broader community – and to promote accountability, healing and the common good.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!