Why Me?

Why Me?
They’ve locked up my earthly body but, my mind
is still FREE.  Thy mind is a gift from the ALMIGHTY.

Why Me?
On my way through life, I was deeply associated
with poverty.  The CREATOR me knowledge to cure

Why Me?
I’ve made wrong choices, that have causes me
to not be FREE.  I’ve served my time &
prison was GOOD for me.  Now I am rehabilitated
that I’ve paid my debt to society.

Why Me?
Why Me,
Why ME!!

A part of life some human beings encounter
& others never see.

Why me, why me, why not me I made my own atrocity.  GOOD for me, GOOD  for ME!!  From my terrible choices I’ve overstand GOD’S wrath and changed from being stupidy.  Thanks be the Almighty & my initiative abilities.

Why Me?
Why me,
Why anybody?
Because it’s REALITY

-Ronald Martin
Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facilty


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