I kept dreaming while they told me the ghettoes the only home
for me
In dire need of diplomas we lacking ghetto diplomacy
I’m oil for the wheels of justice, now I’m asking you to roll with
I provide flashes of lambency so the lambs can see the lions

Wake up, get off the fantasy and you’ll see who the phantom be
Randomly?   Nah, it’s synthetic but seen through the canopy its
faded their jaded motives
Through my knowledge now they mad at me
The streets is a college but it ain’t comfy like a cottage

They promising us tranquility when all I saw was carnage
I pour liquor on the concrete in homage, mind in bondage
Eyes closed so nobody saw it
Silent martyrs to be honest
Crying mamas grieve while the streets bleed green injustice
to be modest

– Jahlight Delsol
#391023  – Wallens Ridge State Prison


2 Responses to ““TRAGEDY’S TRIUMPH””

  1. Really good; love the words. Felt the emotion behind it.

  2. Yeah big bro…let them know what’s going on

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