“Think Before You Act”

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: right now is a time for healing and building up after weeping and mourning.

My name is Antonio “Pasha” Rosado and I am a prisoner of the Virgin Islands, lock away in Wallens Ridge Virginia supermax prison…

I was here reading the Avis newspaper and run across a story about children being shot while on the school bus… I know everyone that is a parent feel that to heart, cuz I am thousands of miles away and I feel that.  So to all the Gun Man dem, all the Men dem that don’t turn the next cheek, Please be careful when busting your guns because your son or daughter or niece or nephew can be the one sitting on that bus.

Please think before you act and try to reason with your Brother Man before you pick up your guns.  Because, I can tell you sitting in a cell “23” hours a day  is no fun.

So, Youth Men use your brain and enjoy your freedom….

Ras Pasha – #390993
Wallens Ridge State Prison, VA


One Response to ““Think Before You Act””

  1. I feel you for sure , out here isn’t nice but god knows in there is no better , my boy keep ur head up and stay strong nothing in this world that is painful will last for ever. Just thinking back on the days when u use to sit down by the kitchen talking to the young boys telling them to do something with they life , wishing i could still hear your voice .

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