“Message for the Class of 2009”

After reading the article on Governor de Jongh ‘s recent inquiry on the subject of poverty, what immediately came to mind are the numerous graduating classes of 2009 that are about to commence on a future occupational venture.  In these uncertain economic times trepidation may dominate optimism as you embark on a journey with raised expectations.  But as you become cognizant of the competitive job market, and your character and qualifications are tested, adversity or betrayed expectation should not be a hindrance toward the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

To have negative thoughts gain roots shall only borne apathy or cynicism in your heart.  From the start, cloak yourselves with a sentient mentality that Government, with its myopic policies and lack of infrastructure, will not be the only solution.  The present administration may be more empathetic with your plight, as witnessed by some of the initiatives taken, but without any comprehensive objective its response to this issue is merely latent.  There is no “easy button” to press, so shake off from the mind and the soul and propensity of being overwhelmed with melancholy or pessimism.  Push on with a domineering spirit, confident in your skills and obligations, and civilized society will embrace you suitably.

Mark “Abba Natty” King – #391097
Keen Mountain Correctional Center, VA


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