Thousand Kites and “Holler to the Hood’

On December 24, 2008 and February 6, 2009, Virgin Islands Prison Project recorded a Holiday Radio Program and an hour long Black History Month Commemoration, respectively, with Strength to Strength at WSTA studios  for Virgin Islands Prisoners at home and abroad.  The programs were then re-broadcast on the Thousand Kites show, “Holler to the Hood” , a live hip-hop radio show, on  WMMT FM in Whitesburg, Kentucky and could be heard by VI prisoners currently housed in Virginia facilities.

Our Holiday Program can be heard here. And The Black History Month Commemoration can be heard here.

These productions were made possible with the support of Thousand Kites organization in Whitesburg, KY, a community-based performance, web, video and radio project centered on the United States prison system.  Check them out online here here.

VI Prison Project is grateful to all who made this production possible – The Thousand Kites team, WSTA, and Strength to Strength producers Afreekan Southwell and Ras Manny!  We had a lot of fun producing the program and felt blessed for the opportunity to spread love and joy – especially for those who need it the most!!

Also, every Monday night VI families can call in to the live radio program hosted by Thousand Kites, “Holler to the Hood”, from 7-9pm (EST) and give personal shout-outs of love and well wishes to their loved ones incarcerated in the Virginia facilities.  There is a toll-free number that you can call into, 888-396-1208.  Unfortunately, it seems that we are not able to access that number from VI telephones.  You can, however, use that number thru SKYPE on your computer.  The number that you can use to call in is 606.633.1208.  Click here to listen to WMMT broadcast live. 


3 Responses to “VIPP ON DE MIKE!!!”

  1. I will like to say thank you so much for allowing us to call and show love to our families , friends,and love one ,it mean so much to us in the Vi by the way i wil love to send some love to all the vi prisoner and let them know that they are not 4gotten . thanks again .

  2. Your blog is so interesting! I have subscribed on rss and I will read it regullary/

  3. Very interesting blog! Subscribed on rss. Regular will read it

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