“Forked Tongue”


Prisoner hand shaking wardens hand which is covered with a forked tongue snake

Pen & Ink by Mario Bell #372183 – Wallens Ridge State Prison, VA


4 Responses to ““Forked Tongue””

  1. The Prison Project is a great idea and a long time in coming. I hope that word gets out about this blog. I would like to see more artwork.

  2. DRLambertis Says:

    This site is just on time! We need to remember that “where there is life there is hope” we cannot forget or give up on our inmates.
    The color of the page however is to dark which makes it difficult to read
    Please shed some light, change the color make it reader friendly. Especially since light will be shed on our prision system.

  3. viprisonproject Says:

    Thank you for your comments. We are new at blogging and still trying our hand at it. We appreciate your feedback.

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